Snow days and netflix
I heart this show!

I do not pair all of my wines with food. Sometimes, I pair wines with my mood, the day, or whatever it is that I am doing. Back in February 2016, DC encountered a blizzard that we lovingly called “Snowzilla.” We had about 2 feet of snow, not including the snow piles. Snow plows got stuck, most side roads weren’t plowed, and schools were out for 7 school days, which meant that teachers like me got a nice, 7 day vacation!

This picture was on day 4 out of the 7 snow days, and I just discovered the show Parenthood on Netflix. When I find a show on Netflix, I am not the person who just watches one episode at a time. No…I binge watch like it is my job. On this particular day, I may have watched 6 or 7 episodes, each being about 45 minutes.My eyes were bloodshot, but I didn’t care. This was Netflix go-time.

When binge watching on a snow day, white and rose wines are out of the question. Who wants to drink a cold wine when there is 2-3 feet of snow outside? I wanted a wine that would match my cozy sweatpants, fuzzy slippers, and oversized sweatshirt (not picturedO). How convenient that Club W shipped to me right before the blizzard! In the shipment was a bottle of Alchemist Noir Red Blend from Paso Robles, California. This was a mix of Syrah, Barbera, and Valdiguie grapes.

The Alchemist blend was a great, cozy choice. While a big and bold wine, it was very smooth and not too tannic. It was one that I was able sip on for a few Parenthood episodes and didn’t leave my mouth overly dry. There was a hint of chocolate covered cherry on the nose, and a taste of cherry, berry, and black peppercorn. While I drank it on its own, The Alchemist Nour Red Blend could also stand up to some marinara sauce, pork tenderloin, or even steak.

This pairing gets 5/5 grapes!


Wine: Club W ($13)


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