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No siree…I have yet to find a wine pairing for eggs. I have tried them all; Champagne, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and even a Cab. The food is prepared well, and the wine is good too, but they just don’t go together. If you think you know one, please tell me!

One evening about two weeks ago, I did not have time to orchestrate a meal for dinner. It was late, my stomach was speaking to me, and was on the verge of becoming hangry. My go-to on a busy night when I need food pronto is eggs. I had some leftover tuna, so I mixed that in with some capers and parsley, put some dijon mustard on a wrap, and made an egg salad wrap with veggies. I had a bottle of L’appel des Sereines Syrah open, so I figured, “Hey! Never tried that pairing before! Let’s see if this wine goes well with my egg sandwich!”


It’s not that the food was bad. It’s hard to screw up eggs! The flavors were prepared well and made me feel like I was back in France (for some reason, capers, dijon, and parsley make me think France). I love France; ergo, I love this meal. The wine was great too! It had only been open a day; not enough time to go bad. It smelled strongly of green peppercorn and tasted of raisins, dried figs, and plums. The fruit really balanced out the pepperiness, and was a delightful wine.

The thing with eggs and wine is that, in my experience, nothing goes with them. It doesn’t matter how good they are individually, they just don’t marry well together. I ended up eating my eggs and having the wine for dessert a little later.

1/5 grapes.


Wine: Red, White, and Bleu ($17.99)



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