Monday night stirfry
This picture just looks so pretty! Doesn’t the bottle remind you of pirates? Arrr!

Weeknights are going to be a bit hectic for me this school year. Not that I am complaining, but I will get home later this year due to other obligations, so I hope that I keep up with my pictures and blogging! Knowing that I would get home a little later tonight than usual, I decided to make a stir-fry since it was quick. I have made this meal before, so with a chop-chop, and a sear-sear of the ingredients, dinner was ready.

I made another recipe from Eating Bird Food called Tofu Noodle Bowl. The noodles were cabbage and not real noodles. I love steamed broccoli and steamed cabbage, and with the soy sauce/rice vinegar/ginger/sesame oil/maple syrup sauce, it was perfect. I topped it with crushed cashews and cilantro, and with a heaping mound of extra steamed broccoli underneath, I knew that I could eat a large bowl without feeling guilty. Plus, I was starving. Bring on the cruciferous, fibrous vegetables! If you are looking for an Asian-styled, vegetarian, filling dish, this is a fantastic and easy one to make that takes very little time!

I have a little confession to make: I don’t pair all of my dinners with wine (*gasp!*). More often than not, I drink whatever is open. Usually, only one meal per week is paired, and I try to make that closer to the beginning of the week so that I can drink the rest of the wine throughout. I don’t/can’t drink enough to pair more frequently than that. Being a Monday, I purposely paired this meal with Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay, 2013, and will have the absolute pleasure of enjoying this wine for the rest of the week.

Thanks to having a father and brother in the wine business, my appreciation of Chardonnay has grown. I used to despise, nay, spit out, any Chardonnay. How foolish I was! Now, I can appreciate most Chardonnays, even with oak. Luckily, Mer Soleil Silver was more than just an appreciation; it was a love. It was fermented, not in a wood barrel, but in a steel one. This means that the wine will have less butter/cream notes and more crisp and fruit ones. That is not to say that it is a sweet wine. This was actually nice and dry, crisp, and non-buttery. There were strong notes of lemon, pear and honeysuckle, which reminded me of a Viognier. However, there was a minor creaminess factor in the aftertaste, due to the California terrain. I loved the wine. I would drink it on its own. I would drink it with a meal. I would drink it on a train. I would drink it on a plane. I would drink it in a house. I would drink it with a mouse. I would drink it Sam-I-Am! This wine was de-vine! Sorry, I have a love for Dr. Seuss.

If trying to find the most perfect wine to pair with this dish, I may not have chosen Mer Soleil. Was there anything wrong with the pairing? No, but had I planned better, I would have tried a Riesling or Gewurtztraminer. However, this unoaked Chardonnay was on hand. All in all, I give the pairing 4/5 grapes. It was not perfection, but went very well! The lemon and the honey of the wine went nicely with the ginger and maple syrup of the dish. The creamy aftertaste of the wine really bound all the salty flavors from the meal’s sauce together, which sounds weird, but worked well.

Are there any wines, foods, or pairings that make you speak in Dr. Seuss rhyme like I did?


Recipe: Eating Bird Food

Wine: Red, White, and Bleu ($21)



4 thoughts on “Monday Night Stir-fry”

  1. I wondered how you drank all that wine and still stayed skinny and coherent at work. Good to know you are savoring your bottles throughout the week. If you ever need help disposing of some good wine, I’m just down the street :).

    1. HA! It’s when you see lots of bottles in one week’s worth of posts and pictures that you should start to worry. I’ll keep you in mind when I need to dispose of any wine!
      Cheers and Bon Appétit!

  2. Love the write up! I am inclined now to: (a) make the dish (a bit out of my comfort zone) and (b) buy a bottle of Mer Soleil Silver!

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