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I’m sorry…I really am. You all told me that it could be done but I didn’t believe you. Some of you even gave me recommendations, but I poo-pooed them all. You were all so encouraging, but I thought you were crazy. I’m sorry. Truly, I am. Forgive me? You were right all along. There is a wine pairing for eggs!

I was at the wine store where I work this past weekend, and we were having a Spanish themed tasting. All of the wines, with the exception of a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, were from Spain. They were also great wines to transition from summer to fall. But I am not here to talk about the amazing Albariño, Monastrell, or Priorat Red Blend that we were selling. I won’t go into how the Albariño smelled of Autumn leaves and pine needles, or how the Monastrell smelled of gorgeous saddle leather with a taste of yummy dried figs, or how the Priorat blend would compliment a juicy burger to the Nth degree. Though they were absolutely fantastic wines, it was the Mapuche Chilean Sauvignon Blanc that I would like to focus on.

Mapuche is a very acidic Sauvignon Blanc that almost needs to be paired unless you want to pucker your lips from being too sour. On the nose, it smells of lemongrass, lemon, lemon warheads, and a little peach. On the taste, it is full of acidity from the lemons, and you get a slight caramel creaminess as it goes down your throat. It leaves your mouth dry and wanting more, much like lemon warheads do. Side note, if you haven’t had a warhead in a while and want some nostalgia, I’d recommend getting some, pronto! When I was a kid, I remember trying to eat a bunch of them at once, losing my sense of taste for hours on end. You know you did it too! Why did we do that to ourselves? Perhaps it was the sugar high that you get immediately after. Anyway, back to my lunch pairing.

Eggs are naturally acidic, high pH leveled foods, but add that along with my spicy chicken sausage, salt, pepper, and red onion, my quick and tupperware packed lunch was packed with tart flavors. The meal was delicious. Some people aren’t wowed with egg dishes, but I think that eggs are a great food to pair with other food. Hard boiled eggs on salads, eggs cooked in stews, or scrambled with leftover meats are a great way to add some extra protein. In this meal, I paired scrambled eggs with zucchini, spicy Italian Chicken Sausage, red onion, salt, and pepper. It had a nice, soft kick to it, but didn’t lose my sense of taste from being too spicy.

When I took out my lunch, the pairing idea suddenly hit me. Here I was trying to pair eggs with wines that would balance out or calm down the acidity, such as mellow reds, or buttery chardonnays (never try eggs with chardonnay, please). No sir…eggs are meant to be paired with acidic wines. A dear friend, who also makes a mean Tomato Pie, recommended pairing eggs with Sauvignon Blanc, and when I noticed that we were sampling one this week, I had to try it with my lunch.

Boy, oh boy…easily a 5 grape pairing! You may be thinking, “Sarah, come on…it was just eggs. How could such a basic meal be worth 5 grapes?” Well, reader, I’ll tell you how. The wine actually made the meal better. I enjoyed the meal as it was, but once I tried it with the Sauvignon Blanc, it was a different experience. The lemon of the wine heightened the savoriness/meatiness of the chicken sausage. The eggs sharpened the peachy, caramel taste in the wine that was more faint before. The food and the wine were made better because they were together. And that, my friends, is what makes a grape pairing!


Wine: Red, White, and Bleu ($11.99)- It’s a steal!


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