Chipotle and ChampagneThis was very celebratory weekend. Not only was it my husband and my 5th wedding anniversary, but after 7+ years, my husband had finally turned in his dissertation!!! While the defense date is still unknown, my husband is already looking like more relaxed man. He has been very stressed writing the dissertation over the past few years, like a tight rubber band about to snap. Already, his mood is lighter and he can begin to look ahead in the future, rather than looking down into his documents.

We really wanted to celebrate this weekend. We don’t get out as much as we’d like, so we wanted to go all out. We got tickets to a play near downtown DC, and spent money on making sure they were good seats. We reserved a hotel room at one of the swankiest hotels in the area, and made sure to get the club room access. Like I said, we were going big. My husband put me in charge of finding a restaurant to match the celebration, going big mood.

Usually, I love choosing the restaurants. Like I said, we don’t get out much, so when we do, it’s quite a treat. However, we already were going out to the play and doing something different by staying at a nice hotel. I didn’t want our meal to be rushed because of needing to get to the theater, and none of the restaurants in the area were really jumping out to me. Why was finding a restaurant feeling like a chore when it usually is fun?

Most weekends, when I go grocery shopping, I end up at Dominion Wine & Beer for their wine tasting. They sample four wines every weekend, and they are on my way home. Often, I leave with a bottle or two. Two weekends ago, I went in as I usually do. They were a little crowded, so I decided to peruse the store while I waited to try the wines. I walked past the champagne section, and saw a big “SALE!” sign next to a Pommery champagne. I went to the champagne region in France last year, and unfortunately, never got to Pommery. It was one of the champagnes in the region that I had yet to try. I bought it two weeks ago, not thinking about when to open it, but knew that I had to buy it. Even being on sale, it was somewhat of a splurge, but I didn’t care.

Chipotle & Champagne 2

All of a sudden, it hit me. Forget going to a nice restaurant. Let’s get something cheap and easy, bring it back to our swanky hotel, and pop the nice bottle of champagne! There were tons of fast-food places near our hotel, including Chipotle, a fast food joint I had never been to before. Hold your gasps…no, I had never tried Chipotle before, and no, I don’t know why.

I ordered a bowl of double fajita veggies, Barbacoa meat, lettuce, corn, a tiny bit of guac whatever the medium salsa is. We got it to-go, brought it back to the room, popped open the bottle of champagne, and enjoyed it sitting in sofa seats watching something on cable. We don’t get cable at home, so we felt like we were living a life of luxury! How was the pairing? Honestly, I don’t remember. I remember the champagne being fan-freakin’-tastic. Perfect amount of bubbles while still being smooth, and a vanilla taste that made it a great fall champagne. I remember the food being pretty good as well. Was Chipotle as amazing as people make it out to be? No. If I need fast food, would I go there again? Sure. There were many healthy options and they give you a good amount of food. Do I remember if the pairing worked? Nope…no idea. I was just so happy and in a state of bliss that it didn’t even matter. I was with my husband, hanging out without any cares or worries, that I could have been eating and drinking cardboard and it would have been gourmet <3. 5 grapes!


Wine: Champagne Pommery (Dominion Wine & Beer) $40






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