Working at a wine store, I get many of the same questions over and over again. Some are good questions. They are specific and can help me find a wine that the customer will enjoy. Other questions are…not so good. Here are the top 5 questions that I get at the shop:

  1. “What’s a good red? Um…we have hundreds…you have to narrow it down for me, honey. Do you like dry reds? Sweet? Spicy? Leathery? Wines from California? Europe? Are you drinking it with food? Drinking it on it’s own? What’s your price point? Give me something to go off of!
  2. “I’m making salmon tonight. What would go well with it?” Excellent question! Thank you for being more specific. Salmon can go with either red or whites. If you like white wine, I would recommend a nice, crisp, Sauvignon Blanc, either from NZ or the Loire Valley France. Depending on the sauce, a Viognier would go well too! For reds, go light. Pinot Noirs or Gamays would compliment the fish.
  3. “What would you recommend for a dry white?” I love NZ Sauvignon Blanc. I love the grapefruit acidity and lemongrass/grassy components to the wine. Since Let me show you what we have in stock!
  4. “Do you have vodka?” …..(blank stare)…..You’d be surprised how many times we get this question. No. Virginia does not sell liquor in grocery or wine stores. You have to go to the ABC store a mile down the road.
  5. “I’ve had (x) wine before, and I’d like to try something like it. What would you recommend?” Again, thank you for being specific! Usually, I get this question about a red that they may have had. When they ask this question, I try to direct them to a region that they may not have had much exposure to. If they like a certain California Cabernet, I might suggest a Chilean Cabernet. If they have had an Italian wine that they enjoyed, I may recommend a spicy vino from Spain.





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