Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and friends, to gorge and drink and indulge. From the appetizers to the meal, to the seconds to the desserts, everyone is enjoying themselves and their company. The best wines are brought out to drink with said foods, and again, people are enjoying themselves and their company.

My Thanksgiving was probably much like yours. We had 13 family members come to my family home to celebrate. These are the family members that we see only for these special occasions, but when we do, its like we hadn’t just spent months apart. Starting off the night, we enjoyed freshly cracked Martha’s Vineyard Oysters, shrimp, cheese, and crackers. Unfortunately, people got to the shrimp and cheese before I could take a picture, but I was able to indulge in some oysters paired with La Berriere Sur Lie Muscadet. Bone dry and full of citrus, the wine really complimented the freshly cracked oyster, sprinkled with a little lemon and pepper.

We had all of the normal accoutrements on our Thanksgiving table. With a father and brother in the wine business, and with me working at a wine store, you bet there were some good wines. There were Champagnes, Proseccos, Chardonnays, and Pinot Noirs; the typical Thanksgiving wine pairings. However, not to brag but totally bragging, it was my Natte Valleij Cinsault from South Africa that was the clear winner of all of the pairings. This wine is light in body, but full of flavor. Extremely drinkable, lush, and light, this wine has floral and bright cherry raspberry notes that pair beautifully with Thanksgiving turkey, gravy, roasted Brussels Sprouts, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. We let it breathe for about 15 minutes before dinner, and ooh baby, it was perfect! The hubby made a wonderful, Cranberry/Walnut bread that was both sweet and savory. We had a few Pinot Noirs to accompany the bread and desserts. Overall, everything was wonderfully delicious, filling, and full of merriment.

Now for you! I’d love to hear about how your Thanksgiving was! Please comment below:

  1. How was your Thanksgiving?
  2. What did you pair with your food?
  3. Any outstanding pairings?
  4. Any unique traditions that you celebrate for Thanksgiving?



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  1. Thanksgiving dinner…..everything about it….was wonderful!!! Oysters, turkey & all the fixings, wine, etc. Wow! A great time had by all. Great photos Sarah!

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