Some wines are good, some not so good, some are even great. Very few wines are so exceptional that the heavens open, the gods sing, and you feel in complete Nirvana. This post is about one of those wines; Piedrasassi Syrah. For me, this was one of those OMG, life changing, where have you been all my life?, kind of wines.

Piedrasassi Syrah…Even the name sounds godly. From Santa Barbara, California, this wine is a firework show in your mouth. Flavor upon flavor upon flavor burst in your mouth. Blackberry, soil, truffle, plum, herbs, vanilla, olive…my goodness will the flavors never end? I almost didn’t want to drink the wine because I want it to last forever. Luckily, for $20ish, I can buy it at the wine store where I work and enjoy it whenever it’s on the shelves long enough to get my hands on a bottle! If you ever find it, grab it while you can!

Syrahs go well with many meats, especially juicy or barbecued ones. The many flavors usually found in Syrah compliment juicier and sweeter meats well, as there is some fruity flavors in the wine as well as spicy/herbaceous ones. This is our first cold week of December, so when I found BBQ Chicken Chili by Skinnytaste, I knew that it was going to go well.

The chili had a definite kick to it, not just from the BBQ, but from the jalapeno and red pepper flakes. I may have put more than a few pinches of red pepper flakes in it. The hubby and I like our food spicy! I added some cinnamon towards the end of the cooking process, which gave it an additional kick, but in a sweeter way. It is definitely a cozy meal. You don’t need a lot of it before you feel full, as it is jam packed with protein. I topped it off with some cilantro and truffle cheddar cheese. I love truffle, and since the wine had a truffle element, I wanted to bring out that flavor a little more. Plus, the truffle cheddar is so creamy when it is melted on top of the chili. Oh baby, I can’t wait for leftovers!

Words cannot even describe the pairing….I am left speechless, but because you, as the reader, cannot sense the same wonderment that I did, I will try. I described the wine as an fireworks show with explosion upon explosion of flavor. The pairing was the same. Spicy, sweet, earthy, all in the same bite. Each chew provided a different, yet heightened element of flavor. The flavors of the wine and meal were both complemented and made better with each other. All I can say, excuse my French, is Holy Crap…wow! 5 grapes!


No, that’s not a tongue…It’s a roasted red pepper!

Recipe: Skinnytaste BBQ Chicken Chili

Wine: Piedrasassi Syrah (Red, White, & Bleu) $23


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