Tonight’s dinner featured some more juicy meat in the form of a beef burger with some of that leftover truffle cheddar cheese. Oh, that cheese. The truffle cheddar with the Piedrasassi Syrah might be one of the best pairings I have ever had. It doesn’t matter what you put the cheese on; as long as that cheese and that wine are together, all is right in the world. Putting it on top of a juicy, succulent, burger…oh man, yes please!

I made a basic burger; beef, salt, pepper, and some Worcestershire Sauce. I paired it with a salad, pickle, tomato, a mayo/ketchup/mustard sauce that I made from scratch, and topped it with some avocado and that glorious, wonderful, truffle cheddar cheese. I pan seared it on high and then let it cook on the skillet on low. It turned out juicy and medium rare, just how I like it. The cheese melted from the heat of the burger, as did the avocado.

The meal alone, while simple, was utterly fantastic. The food was perfectly prepared, as the chef has remarkable talent 🙂 It also had to do with that truffle cheese. So creamy! Adding the already god-given Syrah to the mix meant that this could be one of the best pairings ever. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely! 5 grapes again!

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