This past summer, I visited Pearmund Cellars in Broad Run, Virginia with a friend. Without a doubt, it is one of the best Virginia wineries that I have been to. I don’t usually blog reviews about Virginia wineries because my blog is primarily about pairings, but I wish I had on Pearmund. Not only is their staff friendly, but the views are stunning and the wines are quality. You feel relaxed in the countryside, as their Golden Retriever, Tug, lies next to you in the sun while you are sipping wine and noshing on Virginia made cheeses and charcuteries. No wonder they were voted “Virginia’s Best Winery!” For those that are skeptical of Virginia wines, Pearmund Cellars will prove you otherwise.



After a wonderful tasting and relaxing afternoon, I bought a bottle of their Black Ops Red Table Wine. This wine is a blend of grapes that is only known to the winemaker. While not hugely tannic, this wine definitely has a bite to it. I know that is a Bordeaux blend, meaning there must be some Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc in there. Virginia does Cabernet Franc rather well, so I’d imagine that they used a lot of that grape. Beautiful dark fruits (plums, red currant, black cherry), black peppercorn, and mocha are on the nose while chocolate and oak come out in the palate. The color is so darkly purple that it almost appears black. It’s gorgeous! After letting the wine breathe for about an hour, this wine was easily drinkable on its own without food, and even then is a fantastic wine.

However, while fantastic on its own, this wine is stunning with food, especially the Italian Pulled Pork Ragu from Skinnytaste that I cooked up today. Alone, this Ragu is absolutely delicious. I let the pork loin simmer on the stove for a couple of hours, which not only heated up the apartment (how I hate residual heat on the top floor of an old apartment building…), but wafted the most salivating scent throughout the apartment as well. The pork loin cooked in a tomato based sauce that was full of garlic, parsley, tomatoes, and spices. The pork was perfectly cooked; tender to the point where it pulled apart as soon as the fork touched it. It soaked up the sauce which kept it moist. I put it on top of zoodles, broccoli stem “noodles” (Broccoodles?), and broccoli florets, sprinkling it with chopped parsley.

Nom Noms! There are Zoodles and Broccoodles under there!

Together with the Black Ops, I was overwhelmed. So many things were happening on my palate that I couldn’t keep track! With the food, the chocolate and oak elements of the wine exploded, creating a rather velvety texture. The fire roasted peppers in the sauce became sweeter. The earthiness of the parsley that I sprinkled on top balanced the sweet and acidic flavors that I was getting. I new that a Bordeaux blend would be good with a tomato based sauce, but my, oh, my, I was not expecting it to go so well! 5 grapes!

Another gorgeous view of Pearmund

Recipe: Skinnytaste’s Italian Pulled Pork Ragu (I did it via Stove Top)

Wine: Pearmund Cellar’s Black Ops Red Table Wine ($42)


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