Don’t deny it; you’ve done it too. If you subscribe to Netflix, you have at one point or another binge watched a show to the point where your eyes are bloodshot. I’ve done it numerous times; Friends, Frasier, The New Girl, Making a Murderer, Scandal…the list keeps going. With every snow day, I begin a new series to binge. Next time you are binge watching (cross your fingers for a snow day!), here are my top 5 (+1!) red wines to sip and enjoy. All are smooth and easy to drink, with our without food.

1. Slo Down Wine’s Sexual Chocolate ($24) Dark berries, dark cherries, and a hint of cola and spice make this an immediate go-to wine for me. It is has a finish of leather and bitter dark chocolate, giving the fruiter notes some balance. Like the name, it is a sexy wine. Plus, the name is sexy and makes you giggle. Watch with sexy/funny shows like Scandal, Versailles, or Sex and the City.

2. Locations E by Dave Phinney ($23) In general, I am a fan of the Locations wines by Dave Phinney. The E (for Spain) is my favorite. They take some of the best grapes from all over the county of Spain to make a fantastic blend. Black fruit and forest floor are apparent on the nose, with floral elements and black cherries on the palate. I love Spanish wines because of the oaky tannin of the finish, and this one is a prime example. Let this wine breath for the pilot episode of your bingeing. It will be ready to go for episode 2. I recommend European shows, such as Black Books, Downton Abbey, or Modern Family (not European, but Sophia Vergara pairs nicely with this wine!)

3. Brancaia Tre ($19) If you can get your hands on the more expensive Brancaias, do it, but for Netflix bingeing, this $19 bottle of a Tuscan Sangiovese, Merlot, and Cab Say blend will do just fine. The aroma is all dark, juicy fruits with a slightly spicy undertone. Pepper and leather come out in the finish, producing a fine tannin that is smooth and elegant. Again, let this wine breath for the pilot episode of your bingeing. Trust me. Once this guy breathes, it is gorgeous. Pairs well with The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or Orange is the New Black.

4. Saldo Zinfandel ($35) Expensive? Yes…but do you like strawberry cheesecake? If you do, then trust me, it’s worth it. Saldo is made by the same people as The Prisoner, which is a wine that has a cult following. Saldo tastes like cheesecake with the delicious strawberry sauce that they drizzle on top. Mexican chocolate and vanilla are also detected in the taste. A hint of clove is on the finish, giving the wine more of a dry taste than sweet. While the flavors are sweet, this is by no means a sweet wine. It can withstand being paired next to a juicy steak, or a hardcore episode of Scandal that leaves you aghast! This is another wine that I would say to let breathe for your first episode before you guzzle it all down. Shows to watch with this wine: Narcos, The Food Network, or Making a Murderer.

5. Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon Blend ($8) The cheapest wine on the list (but by no means cheap in quality) means that you can buy a case to last you through all of the seasons of your show. Blackberry jam, dark cherry, and mocha create a big and bold flavor profile on this wine. It is good to go once you pop the top, so no need to let it breathe. Open, press play, and binge away on shows like Stranger Things, Dr. Who, or any series of Star Trek (Next Generation and Deep Space 9 are my favorites!)

(+1!) 6. Avery Quinn Cabernet Sauvignon ($13) Wow. As soon as you open this gorgeous Cab, you are instantly entranced with jammy currant, blackberry, and black cherry notes. Baking spices like clove, cinnamon, and vanilla, along with oaky tannins, round out the finish to produce a low tannic, smooth and silky wine. Binge away, friends! I’d recommend Parent Hood, Friends, or Storage Wars.

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  1. What are your favorite reds to drink when you are watching TV?
  2. Any TV show recommendations?
  3. Do you agree or disagree with any of these top 5 (+1)?

One thought on “Top 5 (+1 Bonus!): Reds to Drink with Netflix Bingeing”

  1. I am going to try the Locations E. I have had Dark Horse and Brancaia and agree with your ratings/comments.

    Love you.


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