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Why, hello everyone! It’s been a while! How he heck are you? Between traveling, being sick, being angry at the way current events are happening, and having endless commitments pretty much every day these past few weeks, I have had no time to blog. However, that quiet streak should change now that I have more free time. I am sad to say that I am no longer working at the wine store where I was working, due to the fact that it took up too much time. I couldn’t keep working there, be a wife, be a teacher, tutor, blog, keep the apartment clean, and try to have a social life all in the same week. It got to be too much. While I am sad to leave the friends that I made and will miss them dearly, I will now have more time to commit to this blog. This blog is what I wish to pursue because I enjoy writing about what pairings I make and enjoy learning more about how food and wine go together. This is what I would like to have grow.

Ok…now back to pairing food and wine!

I was in Delaware two weekends ago, Charleston this past weekend, and was sick throughout both of those adventures. No fun! Tonight was the first night I was able to drink wine and really taste the flavors without sneezing into the glass, having one nostril clogged with flem, or feeling like I needed to get sick to my stomach.  I had been dying to open this bottle of Elouan Rosé, and wanted to save it for some amazingly, perfect and special pairing that I had yet to concoct. The color of this rosé is so wonderfully pink, like a pink lemonade on a warm and sunny summer day. While I had yet to try it before tonight, I knew this wine was going to be exceptional based on the color alone. How did I know this? I didn’t…I just wanted it to be because it looked pretty.

However, based on my current mood this evening, a perfect pairing would not be crafted or thought out. Elouan had a screw cap, I was tired, I wanted a rosé…screw it (no pun intended). I just opened it and decided to drink it with whatever canned soup I had because canned soup is all that I had in stock at the time. That canned soup was Amy’s Low Sodium Split Pea Soup which I put on top of some frozen veggies and topped with some tortilla chip crumbs. While everything was microwaving, I decided to try the rosé out.

The color of the wine is gorgeous, but you can’t tell from here…

Oh. My. God. This. Is. Fabulous. Wild strawberry, raspberry, and a little bit of clementine and lime acidity instantly hit the palate. It is so crisp and refreshing as it goes down. At the end of the taste is an apricot-tartness and some gravel-like minerality that adds huge depth to the taste. To those of you who just questioned the idea of a gravel taste in wine, picture yourself walking down a gravel stone path. You know that smell that you get when the gravel dust kicks up? That’s the smell I’m talking about. It may sound strange in a wine, but when people mention minerality (minerals) in a wine, they are often talking about gravel, graphite, ash, rock, dust, etc…

The wine was so good, that it took me a few extra beeps from the microwave for me to realize that my meal was ready. With a hot pad as a placemat, and Project Runway coming up on the Roku box, I was ready to kick up my feet and relax. I fully expected this pairing to be thoughtless and nondescript. I didn’t even  arrange the photo for optimal lighting/placement/anything. This wasn’t supposed to be a blog-worthy post, so why take a good photo of it? While the wine was fantastic, canned soup and steamed frozen vegetables did not seem to be a perfect pairing, but it is nondescript pairings like these that often surprise me.

Like I said…not a great photo because I didn’t think I needed to make it a good one.

This pairing worked. Have mercy, this worked! I enjoy Amy’s Split Pea Soup because of the earthiness and flavor that it has without adding unnatural ingredients and it is not watered down like other canned split pea soups I have had. The earthiness of this soup really brought out the fruits of the rosé and visa versa. The saltiness of the tortilla chips balanced the minerality of the wine which made the texture a bit silky as it went down. It felt so good as it went down your throat! The comfy sweatpants, good episode of Project Runway Season 10, and finally feeling better was icing on the cake. Had I planned the pairing, I think I would have rated this 4 grapes, but due to the surprising wow factor, this bumps the pairing to 5 grapes!

Questions for You! Answer in the comment section!

  1. Are there any pairings that have surprised you?
  2. What is your favorite Rosé?
  3. What would you like to see in future posts? Any specific wines? Varietals? Foods? Let me know!

Food: Amy’s Split Pea Soup (Low Sodium)

Wine: Elouan Rosé 2015 ($19) Dominion Wine and Beer

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