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This past Sunday, Mr. Grape Pairings and I had some friends over. These are the kinds of friends that you don’t get together with as often as you would like, but when you do, time is irrelevant, laughs are by the plenty, and you enjoy being with their company. To celebrate finally getting together, Mr. Grape Pairings and I wanted to go all out and make them a fancy meal. The hubby made homemade onion and mushroom focaccia bread, and I made a lentil bolognese. To go with it, we poured Black Station’s Red Blend (see my previous post about Black Station’s Chardonnay).

Simmering Lentil Bolognese on the left, fresh out of the oven Focaccia on the right.

This post is not meant to critique the pairing (which was, in fact, wonderful). It is not meant to tell you about how delicious this full-bodied wine was, with luscious, juicy blackberry and blueberry notes popping out of the wine alongside a spicy, oaky, and smooth finish. It is not even meant to tell you how flipping amazing the food was (which it was, if I do say so myself 🙂 ). No…it is to showcase how grape friends pair well with anything. The food could have been disgusting; it wouldn’t have mattered. The wine could have been vinegar; it wouldn’t have mattered. Friends (and family) make everything wonderful 🙂

Question for you:

  1. Tell me about a time where friends and family were a grape pair for you!


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