GW Graduation
Dr. GP!

This past weekend, Mr. Dr. Grape Pairings graduated from the George Washington University with his doctorate in Philosophy. Seven and a half years of hard work later, the hubby has a PhD, is fluent in German, researched for a year abroad, and wrote/defended a 275+ page dissertation. He spent countless hours and stress into this degree, and feels extremely accomplished now that it is done. I am a very proud wife! 🙂 <3

GW graduation
Dr. Grape Pairings walking on the stage during his Hooding Ceremony
GW Graduation
Dr. GP and me
GW Graduation
Graduation ceremony on the National Mall

To celebrate his graduation, Dr. Grape Pairing’s parents and my momma came to visit for an extended weekend. When we weren’t at GW or the National Mall for a graduation ceremony, we going out to restaurants with wine, cooking with wine, visiting the Falls Church Farmers Market and tasting wine, going to a winery with wine, or watching the Preakness with wine. All in all, lots of wining, dining, and relaxing…probably a little too much wining…Okay, lots and lots of wining.

For me, a “usual” week of drinking is drinking 5-6 nights a week. No, I am not going crazy, but will have one glass of wine every night that lasts from dinner through the end of the evening. Holidays, special occasions, and vacations are times that are often spent drinking a little more than usual, where I may have one or two glasses every night for a few days. I allow myself to let down my guard a little, and so long as I exercise and eat as best as I can, I enjoy that extra glass (or two!) This weekend was one of those occasions.





However, after the celebrations are over, how do you feel? If you’re like me, probably bloated, tired, groggy, and exhausted. Wining and dining can take a lot out of you! I can only do it for a few days before I’m ready to get back into a routine of healthy eating (and drinking!) again. This is why I like to take a break from drinking after days of drinking too much. It lasts about a work week. I work out harder that week, I eat better that week, and I drink more water that week. I feel so much better after that break from drinking that when I finally do pour that glass one week later, I enjoy it so much more.

Questions for you:

  1. Do you drink wine every night?
  2. Do you believe in taking breaks from drinking?



3 thoughts on “Why It’s Good to Take a Break (from Drinking)”

  1. I’m a three nights/week winer. Same as you. I pour a glass as I’m cooking and it lasts all evening. Social events call for a couple of glasses. I sometimes take a “no drinking on weekdays” break and I think it’s good for me. Don’t think I’ll ever stop sipping on the porch during a lovely spring evening though.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Maryanne! Do you try to pair your wine, or do you open whatever you are feeling? I’m with you…one can never give up sipping on the porch on a lovely spring evening. I wish we had some more these days!
      Cheers, and Bon Appétit!

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