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After opening a bottle of Conundrum Rosé for my collab with Cooking With Tash, I wanted to pair this wine with as many foods as I could! Tonight, I paired it with Well Plated’s Mustard Pork Tenderloin with Grilled Veggies.


The Food:

The meal was absolutely wonderful! Such a great combination of flavors! I loved the mustard/maple syrup/garlic marinade. A great balance of sour and sweet! Add some cilantro (my favorite herb!), and you have a nice added bitterness. The recipe calls for grilling the ingredients, but I ended up searing the pork in a cast iron and then finishing it in the oven. I roasted the veggies as well.


The Wine:

While its color looks like pink lemonade, Conundrum Rosé tastes nothing like it. It is fruit forward with watermelon? and strawberry? aromas. While fruit forward, it is not sweet. A floral? and citrus? element is noticed in the taste to make the flavors well balanced. Quite a beautiful wine!


The Pairing:

3 grapes 

While the flavors worked, the wine was lost. The pork benefited more from the wine than the wine from the pork. The pork was wonderfully gamey, and benefited from the bright acidity from the wine, but the wine was a little “gamed” down. The mustard’s acidity also was too strong for the wine, and lessened the brightness of the once vibrant rosé.

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