Pumpkin Mac and Cheese with Conundrum Rose
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It’s #pumpkinspice season! During the fall (ok…all year long…), I love to add pumpkin to everythingWhen I saw this Pumpkin Mac and Cheese by @skinnytaste , I knew I had to make it!
I adapted her recipe a bit. In addition to the Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, I added some tri-colored carrots, which caramelized nicely in the oven. The pumpkin Mac and cheese sauce was out of this world! 🌎🚀 So sweet and creamy! I added some red pepper flakes to add a kick. It wasn’t spicy, as the cheese calmed down the heat, but it added a nice layer of flavor. It was true comfort food made in a healthy way, and I didn’t feel guilty eating this deliciousness, whatsoever! I️ only wish that the Picture came out better. With daylight savings time now, I’m not getting the natural light in my apartment like I used to! Any tips?
This is the third day I’ve written about @conundrumwines Rosé, and I can’t get enough of it! While usually dry, fresh, floral, and fruity, tonight I tasted a new element to this wine that I hadn’t noticed before. A creamy apricot flavor appeared when eating the pumpkin Mac and cheese. I imagine that a coconut milk or squash bisque would do the same.
2 grapes 
While this new, apricot flavor was a nice flavor, it was rather subtle. Most of the other flavors were lost. The one bright acidity of the wine was lost. While the pairing was not horrid, I would not do it again. I would, however, go immediately to @skinnytaste ’s website and make this amazing, healthy version of pumpkin Mac & cheese!

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