cozy blanket

See this blanket? There is a green one that is similar that belongs to my brother. They are the most warm blankets that you can possibly imagine. Years ago, my parents bought them in Mexico. These blankets are made from the finest wool and fabric. When we were younger, we would watch family movies, sit in front of the fire, and hang out together under these blankets. Usually, my mom also wanted the green one, and my dad wanted the blue one, but we always ended up getting them. The kids would always win!

My brother and I are all grown up now, and we each have our respective blankets. Being a cold person, I am always wrapped in this blanket, protected by my mommy and my daddy and my childhood. When wrapped in this blanket, work and my troubles cannot get to me. Life is wonderful, and I am content.

Cozy Blanket
Working on my blog post, warm and snuggled.

It’s a snow day today, and I am enjoying the nostalgia with some Grand Marnier. Grand Mernier is like my warm blanket. It’s orange liquor is like an orange creamsicle, a dessert I would eat when the ice cream truck would drive down our street. While the flavor reminds me of my childhood, the liquor makes me feel warm and toasty. I have my baby by my side and music in the background. Life cannot get any better than this! 😊

Do you have any items in your home that give you a sense of nostalgia or comfort? Is there a drink that gives you that same feeling? Share in the comments below!

Grand Marnier





2 thoughts on “Cozy is a Blanket and Grand Marnier”

  1. I have my Maine Moose socks that keep my feet so warm. It has been so cold here, so unusual for Pinehurst. I wish that I had your blanket from Mexico. I had three blankets around me last night trying to read.

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