Day two of having the 2015 Barrique Chardonnay open and I paired it with a lovely Arayes recipe from another one of my instagram friends, Gina (@foodieandwinelover)
Barrique Chardonnay
I wrote about this wine a few days ago, but to recap, the 2015 Barrique Chardonnay will by no meals blow you out of the water. However, it is easy drinking with a medium amount of oak. There is a lot of lemon, stone fruit, pear and gravel on the palate as well.🍋🍐🍑 It is also quite affordable at $14!
Arayes Arayes Arayes
Gina’s Arayas recipe is what Dr. GP and I called a Mediterranean Taco. Instead of a taco shell, there was a pita. Instead of salsa, there was a yogurt dip. Instead of ground beef, we used ground turkey. Parsley, lemon, garlic, coriander, and other baking spices were used in place of taco seasonings. The meal was incredibly aromatic and so full of flavor!😋
This was a 4 grape pairing for us. Using ground turkey instead of beef or lamb was a good choice with the chardonnay. With the lemon of the wine, it made the parsley all the more flavorful in the meal. I was worried that there would be too much lemon flavor in the meal, but Gina knows her stuff, and her recipe added just the right amount! A wonderful meal!

Meal: Arayas by Foodie Wine Lover (@foodieandwinelover instagram)

Wine: 2015 Barrique Chardonnay ($14 at Dominion Wine and Beer)




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