Making a yummy fish chowder tonight! Watch the process below!

The broth of the fish chowder, very loosely adapted from a recipe by Simply Scratch, originally uses lots of old bay, thick cut bacon, clam juice, heavy cream, red potatoes, this Sauvignon Blanc, and parsley. I love a good comfort meal, but enjoy finding ways to keep them healthy and part of a healthy lifestyle. Using turkey bacon, low sodium chicken broth, and fat free evaporated cream in place of some of these ingredients can make this heavy meal into a healthier version. I also used Barramundi fish, which is lean and thick and can keep most of its form when simmering. We didn’t have any bread, so there were no croutons.

The wine I used both in the broth and for my pairing, was the 2016 Les Portes de Bordeaux (Sauvignon Blanc). Lots of stone fruit, acidity, and minerality to make it nice and crisp. A bargain at $6 from Trader Joe’s, I was impressed at how much flavor this wine had! Using it in the soup really married the pairing together! A delicious 4-grape pairing!

On a side note, does any one else immediately change into their sweats the minute they get home?

Turkey Bacon
Turkey Bacon

Cooking onions

Pouring wine into the hot

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